Dental Technology In Lake Forest, CA

Dental Technology In Lake Forest, CA

Dental technology refers to various advancements, tools, and techniques used in dentistry to improve diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. These technologies encompass a wide range of digital and mechanical devices that aid dental professionals in delivering efficient, accurate, and comfortable oral care.

At Nicole E. Kuske, DDS, the dental technology we use to improve patient care includes digital imaging, intraoral cameras, laser dentistry, VELscope, and other innovative tools and techniques. These technological advancements enable our dentist in Lake Forest, CA to provide more accurate diagnoses, precise treatment planning, minimally invasive procedures, and improved patient outcomes. 


Oral cancer is a serious condition that can be successfully treated if detected early. VELscope is a cutting-edge tool that aids in the early detection of oral abnormalities, including potential cancerous or precancerous lesions.

VELscope uses fluorescence technology to visualize tissue abnormalities. When the tissues are exposed to a special blue light, healthy tissues emit a green fluorescence, while potentially abnormal areas appear dark. Using VELscope, our dentist can identify suspicious areas not visible to the naked eye during routine oral examinations. This early detection can lead to prompt intervention and improved treatment outcomes. 

Laser Dentistry 

Lasers effectively treat gum disease, reshape gum tissue, and remove benign oral lesions. Lasers also effectively remove bacteria and promote gum tissue healing, improving periodontal health.

Laser dentistry has transformed how certain dental procedures are performed, offering precise and minimally invasive treatment options. Laser dentistry minimizes the need for incisions, sutures, and drilling, leading to reduced discomfort and post-operative pain. The laser's precise nature targets the affected area while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues. In some cases, lasers can be used for cavity preparation, eliminating the need for traditional drills. This conservative approach helps preserve more natural tooth structure. 

iTero Scanner 

The iTero scanner is an advanced intraoral scanner that revolutionizes how dental impressions are captured. It utilizes high-resolution imaging and scanning technology to create detailed 3D models of the patient's mouth, replacing traditional putty impressions that were uncomfortable and sometimes unreliable. With the iTero Scanner, a small handheld wand captures digital impressions, providing a more comfortable and pleasant experience.

The digital impressions obtained from the iTero Scanner can be immediately uploaded to a computer, providing instant access to the digital models. This allows our dentist to efficiently plan treatments, design restorations, and communicate with dental laboratories, resulting in faster turnaround times and streamlined workflows. 

Digital Scanning for Crowns 

Digital scanning for crowns replaces traditional impression-taking methods with advanced digital technology. This technique involves using an intraoral scanner to capture precise and detailed digital impressions of the teeth, which are then used to design and fabricate custom dental crowns. Digital scanning eliminates the need for traditional impression materials, which can cause discomfort and induce gag reflexes in some patients. 

Dental technology continues to advance rapidly, transforming how dental professionals diagnose, treat, and care for patients. For the best dental care using the latest dental technology, visit Nicole E. Kuske, DDS, at 22992 El Toro Rd, Lake Forest, CA 92630, or call (949) 855-0176. 

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